NEW MUSIC MONDAY! My friend Guy Capecelatro III and i made a new band to create a new album for the RPM Challenge. We're called pumpkin mouth, and i'm really proud of the music we've made together.

As always, the RPM Challenge prompts participants to write and record an album in the month of February. Guy's in Portsmouth, NH and i've been in Tampa, FL, so we emailed tracks back and forth til we were done. Our creative process was both rewarding and hilarious: Guy recorded instruments on a bunch of tracks, then I improvised words with melodies over them in a process I like to call "word salad." Guy listened to what I sang and typed up the lyrics he THOUGHT I was signing... then I created working vocal parts without changing anything he wrote. All that is to say, very few of the lyrics make sense and lots of them are about food. So it goes.

Album artwork by J.J. Petrarchy of Mixed Messages Club

Big thanks to Guy for making this weirdo's creative dreams come true.

Pumpkin Mouth Tooth Salad ADVISORY.jpg