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Jocelyn’s buoyant energy, quick smile and shining example kept our songwriter group laughing throughout. She created a judgement-free environment, which made it safe to drop our creative crutches. Jocelyn offered us a bright new set of tools, ideas, exercises and smackdown challenges.

I have been a songwriter for many years, but have often struggled with self-judgement, trying to find my voice. Working with Jocelyn quickly leveled the playing field, broke all the rules and helped get me out of my own way! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Jocelyn again!
— Jonathan Blakeslee, Musician
Jocelyn’s workshop was an eye opener for me. I had thought that songwriters were members of an elite club, with discrete rules, gifts, and daunting entrance requirements. Jocelyn blew those assumptions apart within the first five minutes of the workshop. I felt comfortable and accepted, and opened up to songs within myself I did not know were there.

She brought a group of both newbies and experienced song writers back to basics of rhythm and sound. It all came out of nowhere, it seemed—but it came from all of our hearts and minds. Yet being with her, all experience how this language of music is integrated into her whole being, and shared by all of us who now know how to express it in our own special way. Such a gift.
— Mary Lewis Sheehan, Poet and New Songwriter
As co-chair of our 12-year run of the Writers In the Round conferences on Star Island, I have worked with many stellar songwriter-instructors. None has brought more warmth, passion and welcoming to our writers than Jocelyn Mackenzie. She was ‘all-in’ from the very beginning as she helped writers of all levels develop new material and celebrate their gifts differing.

Her facilitation was clear and impassioned and she showed great sensitivity in her ability to both support and challenge in safe yet growth-promoting ways. Jocelyn’s work with us was activity and workshop-based with little ‘lecture,’ which is a perfect match for our writers of all levels of experience. In addition to her high level skills and experience, she is an absolute delight to work with – warm, humorous, insightful and empathetic throughout.
— Craig Werth, Facilitator and Touring Musician


Jocelyn's unique songwriting workshop focuses on the fundamentals of rhythm, melody and improvisation while incorporating elements of mindfulness, stream of consciousness, and play. Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome, no instruments are needed, and everyone will leave having written at least one song! Her workshops are perfect for anyone with a desire to break through creative blocks or find new ways to communicate.

Jocelyn has given workshops for participations ages 8-80 for such notable clients as the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls (NY, NY), the Writers in the Round Retreat (Star Island, NH), The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music at Morehead State University, (Morehead, KY), the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BK, NY).


Who is this workshop for?

I work with groups, individuals, collectives, bands, small business and teams. My workshops are perfect for musicians, non-musicians, people with an interest in expanding their creative horizons and unblocking fear, and especially for existing groups with a common goal who are in need of team building or camaraderie. The content is suitable for children and adults.

What should I bring?

Please bring paper, a pen and a willingness to try new things. If you have an instrument, you may bring it, but only if you are willing to share it with other participants and its volume can remain manageable. 

What if I can't play an instrument?

It doesn't matter! No musical instruments or instrument-playing skills are required for a successful workshop. If you do play an instrument, you may bring it only if you are willing to share it with other participants and its volume can remain manageable. However, instruments are absolutely not required. 

How long is the workshop?

A workshop runs best around three hours, but I can offer a modified versions at longer or shorter intervals depending on your needs. At least one hour of workshop time is recommended.

What's the recommended age group?

My songwriting workshops are available for children, adults, and children with their adults. All ages are welcome! 

How many people may attend?

I can accommodate any size group, but for groups over 20 I recommend at least two hours of workshop time to cover all the material. 

Where do your workshops take place?

We can hold the workshop in a space you provide, or I will arrange for a space depending on the needs of the group.